Assassins v Chippy Tricksters


The Juniors played their first game of the day at Borden against the Tricksters , both sides were raring to go and Matthew opened the goals with a pass from Owen Rider, followed a little later by another by Matthew this time unassisted , we remained upbeat and in the lead , but the Tricksters narrowed our lead by their first goal , Owen rider then gave us our third goal past to him from Gregor , taking us back to 2 in front , but the Tricksters true to there narrowed it again taking the end of the first period to a 3-2 to Assassins.
Period two saw both teams net a goal each , Assassins came from Owen Dell.
Period 3 and it all went to pot the Tricksters took the lead by netting 3 balls and try as we might we could not find our way past their keeper until with 9 second s to go Owen Dell snapped one in and the victory was in the Tricksters hand , end result 5-6 to the Chippy Tricksters

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